A B O U T   J E A N N E

I've never liked being part of the 'Norm'; I always had to be a bit different and that is reflected in my Jewelry Designs.

Each piece of my Jewelry Collection is individually handcrafted ensuring that no two are exactly alike. I use all Sterling Silver and 10K-24k Gold and can Customize any piece to suit your Style and Size.

Jeanne Hudson Gonzalez, Owner/Designer My Collections are inspired by Nature and Movement.

The Kinetic collection features multiple outer bands (rings) that rotate around one larger inner band. "When I was first introduced to this Jewelry technique through fellow jewelry artists and instructors I fell in love with the movement and sound that accompany the design".

One of my most popular Signature Designs, the Birds Nest Collection, are all Sterling Silver or Gold Wire wrapped and heated in random places to create that twig-like look. Each piece melts differently..again making every piece unique.

The Freeform Bracelets are 8 gauge Sterling Silver or Gold Wire soldered into a standard Cuff shape, then Hand Formed into various shapes, again making each one unique.

Attitude by Jeanne 179 Orchard St NY NY Interior All Textured pieces are created using random objects ie: lace, screening, ribbon etc. and transferring that texture onto the metal via a rolling mill, while other textures are simply created using various tools ie: hammers, files, engraved pieces of steel, etc.


Jeanne Hudson Gonzalez

ATTITUDE by Jeanne's Jewelry can be purchased at 179 Orchard Street NY NY or by appointment in my Studio at 64 John Street Brooklyn NY.

Please call Jeanne at (212) 228-2267 to set up an appointment or customize your order.